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Center for Voice & Swallowing Disorders

Our services for the Speech and Swallowing Lab include:


Videostroboscopy is a state-of-the-art technique that provides a magnified, slow-motion view of your vocal cords in action. It enables physicians to make an accurate diagnosis of conditions and diseases of the vocal cords, including masses or lesions, abnormal motion, inflammation, broken blood vessels, scarring and other disorders.


A small endoscopic camera is inserted in patients nose as they take a variety of textures of food/liquid to assess swallowing function and reflux.

Voice Therapy

We will help you attain the best possible voice and the most relief from symptoms that are bothering you through vocal and physical exercises and get relief from symptoms that are bothering you due to vocal cord nodules, polyps, and paralysis.

Speech Therapy

We provide services to any adults suffering from aphasia, dysarthria/apraxia and cognitive impairments.